About Us

Who we are

We are a Non-governmental and Cultural Advocacy Organization, poised to document, archive and promote the heritage and values of the Gbagyi/Gbari people, of Central Nigeria.

Our Story

The Gbagyi/Gbari culture is very unique with potentials that are barely harnessed.

Over the years, we have witnessed our culture slowly sink into extinction and as passionate custodians, we charged ourselves to not only save it, but see this as an opportunity also to exploit those potentials for the sustained growth of our people.

This is not just an objective to save our culture, it is also one to create opportunities, businesses, jobs and attract growth driving projects to our people and communities.

Our organization might be young, but these objectives are as old as our earliest thoughts, and our continued commitment to it has led to the creation of Attachi, and it won’t wean anytime soon, that we can promise.

Our Mission

We want to tell our own stories, immortalize our heroes, celebrate our triumphs, and align our strengths, to promote Unity, Tolerance and Growth amongst the Gbagyi/Gbari people.

Our Core Values

Authenticity 95%
Excellence 80%
Accountability 70%
Inclusiveness 78%
Justice 85%
Our Vision
Epitomizing culture and collaboration, as dependable drivers of sustained development and recognition, amongst a people.

Our Executives

Barr. George Koce

Chairman HAC

Bitrus Lawrence


Serah S. Tukurah

Vice President

David A. Isaac