Happy 50th Anniversary to the Earth!

Happy 50th Anniversary to the Earth!

The earth is the planet on which we live in, the earth is also the land surface in which we live and move about.

The existence of man is centered around the earth which is the reason why April 22nd of every year is set aside to celebrate the world earth’s day to show support for environmental protection.

This years earth day happens to be the 50th Anniversary. The theme for earth day 2020 is climate action. The enormous challenge- but also the vast opportunities- of action on climate change have distinguished as the most pressing topic for 50th Anniversary. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity, and the life support systems that makes our world habitable.

Culture entails the ideas, customs, social behavior of a particular set of people in the society. This further means our way of life, be it political, economical or even socially affects the world since all the activities are carried out on earth.

Let’s together live a good habitable life styles which will in turn sustain the world and everything beneath it. Our way of life should be focused on preserving the earth.

Attachi Inc is saddled with the responsibility of revealing cultural values, part of our activities as an organization is to serve humanity in the best way we can while we co-exist on the earth. This explains why we can not but celebrate the world’s earth day. Culture is not local- together we make a difference!

Happy 50th Anniversary to the Earth!

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