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What we do

We tell our own stories, immortalize our heroes, celebrate our triumphs, and align our strengths, to promote Unity, Tolerance and Growth amongst the Gbagyi/Gbari people.

  • Research

    We will set out to recover the moribund histories of the Africa people, from folklores, to myths and practices, and bring them into the limelight, to show our evolution as a people, and then pick up lessons and resolves from them to forge a future as great as our imaginations can fathom.

  • Documentation

    We will document our research and make them available in various forms, and accessible to the world; we like to think of this as becoming the Wikipedia of African culture.

  • Promotion

    We will take it upon ourselves to exploit various media platforms as promotional avenues to bring attention and increased recognition to African cultures. We will be sharing interesting bits of content regularly to sustain this objective.

  • Events

    We will put together and actively support culturally centric events, with themes centered around, promotion and growth.

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